Does The United States Subtly Prevent Canada From Becoming More Powerful?

Contrary to Canadian religious practice of self-congratulation, Canada is not powerful. It is merely wealthy.  And it is wealthy because it benefits from the following accidents:
1) a border with an empire nearly unequalled in human history. Oceans on all other borders.
2) enormous natural resources it does not need to defend, build a culture of defense, or spend upon defense, because of that empire.
3) Genocide of the indigenous population leaving a vast territory that can be sold off to immigrants.
4) a heritage in the common law, and anglo civilization, allowing for high trust and vast credit expansion.
5) The ability to act as the ‘princess’ in all business dealings, since as a virtual island protected by an empire, selling off its resources to third parties, Canadians can obtain privilege from virtue of never having to use a stick in the world, and always using a carrot. 
6) Had the states not paid 20M for Alaska, and with Russia on its flank, Canada might have a very different view of world affairs.
7) Without the left-wing vote supplied by the Quebecois, (who are a lower class catholic population) the anglos (a middle class protestant population) the end result of the vote would be that Canada votes as conservatively as does the american midwest.
It is what it is.  Canada is the MOST PRIVILEGED country on earth.  Not because of choice, but because of circumstance.  Choosing benevolence from circumstance isn’t demonstration of virtue. It’s demonstration of accident.

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