The New Reconstruction of British and North Sea History

[O]ne of the great civilizations of human pre-history. A center not an outlier.

Reincarnation. An underworld. Oak Trees Planted Upside down.
The Hearth. Homes built around hearths. Stone circles built around homes. 
Feats of public engineering. A bronze age industrial revolution.
The intentional destruction of our Priest-Judges and our civilization by Rome.
The consequent destruction of our entire european religion (civilization) by Justinian.
There was no Celtic conquests. There were no anglo-saxon conquests. There were no Viking conquests. There was even limited norman conquest. We see cultural adoption of British civilization on the continent, then after conquest by Rome and the destruction fo the druids, adoption of roman status signals and culture. Then after the departure of Rome, the adoption of north sea Scandinavian signals and culture.
Bede’s Justification of the Church and the Fabrication of Primitivism of the British peoples. It was a lie.

We had liberty in pre-history: rule of law and an independent judiciary in prehistory.
The north sea peoples were constantly trading and inbreeding.
The use of flint was eliminated by the oversupply of bronze tools.
We were cut off at the knees by Romans, not civilized by them.
We were enslaved into hierarchy by the church, not civilized by it.
Yet with the reintroduction of pagan thought (greek) we restored our civilization in but a few hundred years, and again produced an industrial revolution.

As far as I can tell, we never developed centralized government and taxation, so we did not develop inventories and writing. That is because we never had to construct irrigation or armies. We would only have developed writing if we had expanded commerce sufficiently to require inventories and contracts. But we did not get the chance. Romans killed our civilization. Bede and the church lied to us to pretend they had civilized us.

The Americans tried to restore our ancient civilization. But the Louisiana purchase and the failure to divide north and south into separate nations by aggressive conquest by the north, repeated the process.

Knowledge is power.

We can restore our northern European civilization.

No state. Rule of Law. Professional, devoted, judiciary. Private property. Militia. Universal standing. And civic construction of commons.


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