Why Are Americans So Proud Of Their History When The Usa Has A Shorter History Compared To Some Other Countries In The World?

(a) Because we invented a new form of culture: a purely commercial one, absent of hierarchy.
(b) Because we invented a new form of constitution and government by adapting the British to this new commercial culture.
(c) Because we did not fall to the european suicide by internecine warfare (even if the brits suckered us into both world wars).
(c) Because we are disproportionately productive compared to the rest of the world.
(d) Because of our disproportionate productivity and size, we have disproportionate wealth and global influence.
(e) Because we used our wealth and influence to drag humanity kicking and screaming out of colonialism, out of the world war, out of socialism and communism, and right now we’re trying to drag what’s left out of ignorance and mysticism and poverty.

Now, personally I’m pretty anti-american for an american, because I feel that our conquest of Europe has only exacerbated western (germanic) suicide, by allowing europeans to develop an absurd, immoral, unscientific, and unsustainable economy and political system that can only be perpetuated through suicide by immigration of third world peoples unable to adapt to northern european the high trust nuclear family, truth telling, suppression of free riding, and protestant work ethic.

Unfortunately, americans aspire to commit the same suicide.


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