Due Diligence Necessary For the Warranty of Truthfulness

[D]ue Diligence necessary for Warranty that our Testimony is Truthful.

1) Have we achieved identity? Is it categorically consistent?

2) Is it internally consistent? Is it logical? Can we construct a proof(test) of internal consistency?

3) Is it externally correspondent, and sufficiently parsimonious? Can we construct a proof (test) of external correspondence.

4) Is it existentially possible? Is it operationally articulated? Can we construct a proof (test) of existential possibility? And is it free of imaginary content when we articulate it as such?

5) Is it limited? Do you know it’s boundaries (falsification)

6) Is it fully accounted? Do we account for all costs to all capital in all temporal and inter-temporal dimensions? (Have we avoided selection bias?) Can we construct a proof (test) of full accounting? (Is information lost or artificially gained?)

7) Is it morally constrained? Does it violate the incentive to cooperate? (Meaning, are all operations productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfers, free of negative externality of the same criterion?)

If you cannot answer these questions or do not understand them you cannot know if you speak the truth, or if you are polluting the commons with fantasy, bias, error, or deception.

Source: Curt Doolittle

(Ed: Note: Updated June 26 to reflect addition of warranty #5.)


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