Islam vs Protestant (Germanicized) Christianity

[I]slam is a more aggressive evolutionary strategy. In that sense it is a superior competitive strategy. That does not mean it produces a superior mankind. It mereley means it is more competitive.

1) hatred is proscribed / hatred is prohibited
2) punishment is prescribed / punishment is prohibited
3) lies are permissible / lies are not permissible
4) dual ethics / universal ethics
5) respect a given / respect earned by actions.
6) knowledge is fixed / knowledge evolves
7) intolerance is required / intolerance is prohibited
8) inbreeding is promoted / inbreeding is prohibited
9) produces low trust societies / produces high trust societies
10) produces ignorance and poverty / produces knowledge and prosperity.
(….this list goes on forever)

But, I don’t think of it as most folks do because I don’t rely on introspection. 

I just look at the epistemic properties of each body of thought and I Compare their abilities to produce a high trust society and it’s corresponding innovation and wealth.

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