Q&A: Curt. Where Does Pathological Altruism Come From?

“Where does a memeplex based upon pathological altruism come from? And better yet, how to stop it?”—Ed Herzog

[R]eally great question.  And it’s not that hard to deconstruct into reproductive intuitions.  We use contributory commons more than any other group on earth.

So, it comes from:
(1) Indo-European Heroism;  (Uniqueness of the west)
(2) Status from Contribution to the Commons, and;
(3) Obtaining Signals, even Self-Signals of Conspicuous Consumption using “other people’s money”. 

Progressives tend to be less attractive mates (and it plays out in relationship statistics) so they compensate for reproductive inferiority by demonstrating verbal ‘plumage’ that they’re generous – albeit with other people’s cultural, institutional, genetic, and money capital.

We North Sea Peoples are more vulnerable to it. It’s likely because it’s partly genetic. Others encourage it because it advances their power base, and relative status by declining ours.

We stopped policing liars when we added women to the franchise. Between puritans, women, and jews, and the excuse of blacks, they were able to use numbers to weaken us enough that the Catholics and Jews could open the floodgates and turn the west into Brazil/India.

That’s your answer.

As far as I know that is a necessary and sufficient answer. And I suspect it will withstand the test of time.

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