Saturate The Environment with Truthfulness and People Will Act Truthfully

(By: Curt Doolittle, Johannes Meixner and Andy Curzon)

[W]e learn actions by doing. But we learn metaphysics by observation: our most effective learning-by-doing comes from recognizing patterns and habits of others in the environment. Things we take for granted as static, rather than open to our modification.

So I tend to see something like programming as a skill that must be learned by doing. Some people are incapable no matter how many times they try to do something. Some people must do something many, many times. Others must do things a few times. Others just once or twice. Some of us can master concepts purely by imagining doing them a few times, and some of us by imagining the art of imagining doing them instantly. (We are very RARE.)

We know that this progression roughy mirrors standard deviations of IQ around a ‘human minimum’ of around 106 (the start of Smart Fraction abilities: verbal articulation of ideas). And that makes sense when you realize that verbalizing complex ideas is in itself, the art of imagining operations in sequence.

– Saturate the environment with truth and people will act truthfully.
– Saturate the environment with error the people will act erroneously.
– Saturate the environment with deception and the people will act deceptively.
– Saturate the environment with violence, and people will act violently.

Because that is what it means to adapt to the environment..

– Education was the first means of public broadcasting.
– Reading was the next, but it was voluntary.
– Radio was next and could be done without effort.
– Television was next and it was a serotonin-producing drug, that made saturation effortless.
– Today the curious can see confirmation and alliance in almost any alternate reality that they can imagine. In Advanced countries people live in their isolation chambers, listening to echoes.

Saturation is the best teaching. But how do we ensure people are saturated by truths rather than falsehoods?

We make untruthful speech a crime when placed into the commons. Deprive the environment of negativity, and people will not act negatively. And within one or two generations we will saturate people with truth.

And as such we:
– Saturate the environment with truth and people will act truthfully.
– Saturate the environment with trust and people will act trustworthily.
– Saturate the environment with confidence and people will act confidently.
– Saturate the environment with certainty and people will act certainly.
– Saturate the environment with assurance, and people will act assuredly.
– Saturate the environment with anything, and people will act likewise.

So you see…. “after all, we’re all alike.”

Education need not be interpersonal if it is environmental.

The Propertarian Institute
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
Kiev, Ukraine.

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