Scientific and Libertarian vs Mythical and Authoritarian: The Burden of Thought.

(religious trigger warning)

[K]ant understood the central value of the west was truth speaking.  But Kant was still a Christian – arguing in unscientific language of morality. He was not able to make the leap from truth to jury, law, science and economics.

We face the same problem with Today’s Christians. Traditionalists often hold proper sensibilities and express them in the language of belief, rather than the language of institutions, incentives, law, and economics – the art of cooperation rather than totalitarianism that requires submission in all the monotheistic religions, and which demands we abandon truth in favor of useful analogy.

What traditionalism requires is submission – and in exchange one gains freedom from the burden of perpetual calculation of events.

The value of religion – still measurable today – is that it is increasingly valuable as intelligence decreases. And decreasingly valuable as intelligence increases.

Religious authority obviates need for reason.  Truth, science and reason obviate the need for authority.

So we really have two choices: we can have two systems of thought: scientific and mythical, while insisting that the mythical contain moral content only, with full knowledge that the scientific method is aristocratic and libertarian in construction and the mythical narrative is proletarian and authoritarian in construction.

Or, we can suppress the reproduction of the lower classes and merely pay them off until there are so few left that their cost is below noise level.

(Spoken as a Catholic myself.)

Source: Curt Doolittle

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