Sorry: Propertarianism is an Amoral and Objective Language – And That Can Be Emotionally Unsatisfying.

[I] know that you want to feel emotionally vindicated, and that you want to vent your frustrations when conducting an argument, but the fact of the matter is Propertarianism and Testimonialism are constructed amorally (( amoral adjective “not involving questions of right or wrong; without moral quality; neither moral nor immoral.” )) so that all moral propositions can be objectively described, and all moral questions are objectively decidable.

Propertarianism(ethics) and Testimonialism (epistemology) let you construct and win arguments wherein the other party is using various means of deception in order to obscure their advocacy for thefts.

So, assuming you’re right (and conservatives are usually right, even if argumentatively incompetent) then using Testimonialism and Propertarianism will allow you to win arguments.

But unlike simple (cheap) quips, they are expensive arguments to construct and require that you have a bit of skill.

And if that isn’t enough. Well. You don’t have reason to feel good, or to win.  We leave that to the liars and theives.

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