Conceptual Laundry: Twitter.

Philosophy, to be true, must be critical. There are no answers in philosophy itself. It’s conceptual laundry detergent.

Philosophy consists either of telling us how to speak truthfully, or it is just a means of loading, framing and overloading

The greatest lies in history have been produced philosophically: monotheism, marxism, freudianism, postmodernism.

Philosophy has done more harm that good. That’s because it’s an exceptional vehicle for deception by suggestion.

Philosophy can be performed wishfully, morally, rationally, historically, and scientifically. Only the last has any value.

Does your government improve cooperation and exchange, or create conflict and takings? That’s an easy question to answer.

But why must we persist in a submissive mythos of federation, truth, trust and love, instead of just truth, trust and love?

The Church then chartered nobility with love and trust – and left them to war and justice (production). They federated our tribes

The Church manufactured idealism, and used Love to break kin and tribal biases, extending trust, and creating economic velocity.

Aristocracy must rule by the formal logic of cooperation: non parasitism expressed as property. Else be ruled by worse.

That is my answer to yesterday’s question about the failure of South Africa and the genocide conducted against its farmers.

Rule of law, and production of commons are two different things. Democracy is a catastrophe because it merges law and commons.

Failing to parent the young, and failing to parent less advanced polities differ only in scale. Aristocracy must parent.

Take nothing not paid for. Master a craft. Speak the truth. Safeguard the weak. Mete justice. Improve commons. Show love. Add beauty.

Cultures vary in their needs for commons. But rule of law, common law, property rights are objectively universal for all men.

Rule of Law and Contractually Constructed Commons are different things. Rulers can adjudicate while leaving commons to locals.

Rule and Colonization are two different things. Rule by rule of law and strict property rights is objectively universally moral.

Religions evolved for the poor. Philosophy for the middle. And Law for the Ruling classes. The three metodologies reflect perceived control.

Islam is a religion of submission, Christianity less so. But western Aristocracy is a cult of non-submission to man, government, or god.

I don’t like analogies. They’re used to lie. Myths are analogies. But at least Christianity’s myths teach us love, truthfulness and beauty.

The obvious failure of progressivism is that it is constructed entirely of lies. It isn’t philosophy then. It’s just lying.

Cultures are not equal. They suppress parasitism more or less, display corruption more or less, and speak the truth more or less.

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