Our Feelings Tell Us Very Little Without Limits (Boundaries)

[F]alsification (Limits) tells us what is true. Confirmation is often comforting lie.

Heroin feels good. Many drugs feel good. Beer and chips and soccer feel good. Democracy feels good. Security feels good. But many things that feel good are not in fact good. Comforting lies are suicidal.

Our feelings evolved in response to scarcity. Bread feels good tastes good and smells good (carbs). Sugar tastes good. Milk tastes good (fat).

Almost all scarce things are good when scarce. They are less than good as staples. 

Our senses have not adapted to overabundance. We do not sense the harm of abundance. Our daily meals are feasts. We live in a world of feasting (consumption ) in every capacity. 

It’s no wonder our senses fail us.

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