The Alternate History and Future of Man: Aggression. (We have passed peak human.)

(important) (inflammatory)

  • Each wave of man was more aggressive than the previous.
  • Each wave of man exterminated the previous wave of man, whenever advantageous.
  • Hunter-Gatherers had bigger brains but were less numerous and less aggressive.
  • Northern Europeans with big brains are smarter with bigger brains and less aggressive.
  • The Steppe/Desert/Levant has been kicking off waves of increasingly aggressive peoples for thousands of years.
  • The newer peoples are less intelligent, more reproductive, and more aggressive.
  • They are the future of man.
  • Unless we change again, to keep them at bay.
  • The future isn’t one of achieving supra-human intelligence.
  • It’s one of decreasing intelligence and increasing aggression.
  • And the world is running out of the old species with calmer, smarter, bigger brains.

Source: Curt Doolittle

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