The Free Market is a Fiat Construct, Produced by Organized Violence

[T]he free market itself is a fiat construct. Just as property rights are a fiat construct. Morality, Property, and Free Markets require forcible imposition. The condition of primitive man is one of overlapping rents. Paternalism, Non-kin-Morality, Property and Trade were institutional innovations all of which required the organized application of violence to construct.

Neither violence nor fiat are ‘bads’. They are means, not ends. One either constructs a distribution of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, distribution, and trade by the imposition of property rights, morality, and free markets or one fails to do so by constructing a network of rents.

Fiat criticism is non-substantive. The natural order of man is an equilibrium between static rents and innovative freedoms.

To construct liberty requires a constant application of organized violence to resist the equilibrating forces of rent seekers.

Pacifist Libertinism is an attempt by means of obscurantist loading, framing, and overloading to achieve cheaply, by sophisticated gossip, that which can only be achieved by organized violence.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

Source: Curt Doolittle

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