The State is a Vehicle for Lying

[W]omen work so DAMNED hard at maintaining relationships. Men work so hard at providing. Yet we are both ignorant of the costs of the other.

In my life, I have been awed by the determination of my significant others to preserve and improve the relationship just as diligently as I have worked to provide for it.

Of all my insights the one I think I have found most helpful is the abandonment of the myth of equality, and its replacement with the explanatory power of an intertemporal division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy where voluntary cooperation acts like prices and voluntary exchange do: the information system by which we make use of our distributed perceptions.

This is why democratic government has failed: like Keynesian economics, it distorts our information system. So westerners participate in suicidal genocide because our information system is overloaded by lies at every single level: from the pricing system to that of voluntary cooperation. The state is a vehicle for interference in the information system that perpetuates the species by voluntary cooperation between different temporal perspectives: short female. and long male..

The state is a vehicle for LYING.

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