What Is The Significance Of Jean Baudrillardâ´s For A Critique Of The Political Economy Of The Sign?

As an activist philosopher engaged in restoring modernism I see Baudrillard’s work as one of the death rattles of postmodernism.  

But that does not mean that it is not possible to restate some of his ideas in ratio-scientific terms.  And that is, that as we grow in prosperity, our patterns of consumption changes from survival, to risk reduction, to fulfillment, to purely signaling.  And that much of the consumer economy consists of little more than signaling. 

Unfortunately, by couching his thought in postmodern pseudoscience, empty verbalism,  and pretense of reason, he doomed his contributions to the dustbin of history along with all of marxism.

The more interesting question is when does such signaling become lying?  When are signals of falsehoods occurring at the expense of material improvement of life?

That’s a problem I haven’t spent much time on, but I think it’s the scientific means of exploring his ideas.


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