Aristocracy (Advocacy), Not Racism (Criticism)

[R]ace debate is not helpful to anyone. Aristocracy is.

Culling your herd (tribe) will produce a universal aristocracy regardless of race. We, the Chinese and the European Jews have been the best at culling our herds. The other civilizations simply haven’t been successful at culling their tribes.

I don’t see differences in races of homo-sapiens other than reproductive value, and distribution of talents. And the distribution of talents is a function of thefailure to suppress the lower classes from reproducing.

That’s it.

I don’t care about the color of your skin so much as I care about the distribution of talents in your family. You are either successful at improving your family or you are not. If you are not then your aristocracy is a failure.

The alternative is just to breed as many of the worst as possible and use the export of your bad genes as a weapon.

Which is what the muslim world is doing.

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  1. Excellent! While I think your view is a bit over-simplistic — there are genetic differences among the races that cannot be eliminated by implementing manorialism alone — I have no doubt that you’ve pegged the bulk of the problem accurately, succintly, and, with regard to remedial action, relatively palatably.

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