Q&A: Curt, Why Is Christianity Deceitful?


“Curt, could you expand upon this? I’ve often heard you make multiple positive references to Christianity, yet still find it to be deceitful? Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding you.”

—“This is the greatest legal deception in human history third only to the forcible introduction of Christianity, and the universal deceit of scriptural monotheism.”—

[H]ave you ever been graded on a paper in English class where you get separate grades for content and form? Well, lets try to think of mythology as form(method of argument), content(the narrative or explanation), implied content (metaphysical contend), the intended consequences, and the unintended consequences produced by it.

If you were to create a school, and a body of law, the first principle of which was to unify a people by promoting the extension of kinship love to non kin, training teachers (priests) and legitimizing (crowning) rulers who held to this principle, I would say that would be a truthful religion. It would also be equal in metaphysical content to christianity, and produce similar results: it increases trust and cooperation and economic velocity.

So “love one another” is a pretty good message. Now if you had added that message(ethical philosophy) to stoicism(personal philosophy), and aristotelianism(political philosophy), I think you would have had the world’s best possible religion. But we didn’t. They didn’t. They lied instead.

My criticism of christianity is that it’s a good idea wrapped in lies. And that those lies are in no small part responsible for a thousand years of ignorance forcibly extended by the government and the church as a means of bringing submissive mysticism to europa now that the expense of governing the territory had become impossible by military, economic, and judicial means.

The bible isn’t an heroic document. It’s the story of the rise and fall of judea because of the failure of their god and their religion to convert them from immoral herders and merchants to a martial people capable of holding land and farms. If compared to the same greek works of the time it is the equivalent of comparing today’s science to islamic mysticism – even witchcraft. It’s absurd.

Christianity was a mental plague that nearly destroyed us, and we were only rescued a thousand years later by the rediscovery of our greek and therefore indo-european method of thought.

If truth is the secret of the west, and christianity is a lie, then how can it be ‘good’?

What is ‘good’ about the west was there before the church. The church amplified what was there. but that’s all. And the price of that amplification was a devolution in to mysticism and ignorance we still struggle to climb out of.

So as an institution of government as a creator of law and as an advocate of love the church was good. As a distributor and imposer of lies, it was harmful.

What might have happened if instead of closing the stoic schools and imposing christianity Justinian had done the opposite?

What if the Romanticists in the victorian era in Germany had succeeded in restoring paganism and naturalism?

What if today we could escape the lies, the lies that are created from those lies (puritanism, neo-puritanism, socialism, postmodernism, and feminism) and instead saturated our people in truth rather than lies?

What if we made lying into the commons illegal? What if we made polluting the commons with lies and untruths illegal, and punishable?

So I appreciate the law and order of the church as an institution but I curse it forever, and justinian in particular, and kant, marx, muhammed, jesus, abraham and zoroaster for the most evil lies that have ever been constructed by man. Confucius merely failed. Buddha tried to kill off mysticism and was corrupted by later generations. Aristotle persists thankfully, as the greatest philosopher in history, despite the near total loss of his works. But ALL the rest are just liars. Incompetents who could not find a solution to the problem of politics without lying. For expedience due to incompetence they lied. Lying works if there is enough of it. And religion creates enough of it.

We are the people who invented and speak the truth, and we have dragged humanity out of ignorance and poverty in both the ancient and modern worlds. We were conquered by lies in the first to third centuries using the availability of writing and travel. The same people, using the same strategy are attempting to conquer us with a new series of pseudoscientific and pseudo-rational lies using modern technology and media. The second conquest of lies has been in progress for coming up on two centuries.

A thing need not be all good or all bad unless you claim omniscience and authority. The church is no authority – It is neither all good nor all bad. Christianity is no authority – it is neither all good or all bad. The central proposition of Christianity is to love one another – to increase trust cooperation and prosperity by the expurgation of evil from the heart of man.

But if the truth cannot be stated truthfully, then it too is only partly good and partly bad. And our future is then partly good and partly bad – and we are left without fulfilling our potential – just as we were in the medieval era: “the dark ages”.

Love is enough. Truth is enough. Non-parasitism is enough. The common law is enough. Voluntary organization of production is enough. And the voluntary construction of commons by the surviving of dissent is enough.


Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev Ukraine (Tallinn, Estonia)

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