On NSA Interest in You or Me or Anyone.

[W]hy They Don’t Care About You.
1) Search engines are more effective than friends lists.
2) And you don’t write in Arabic.
3) And you aren’t writing across borders.
4) They have better things to do.

I’ve been both a justice department employee, and on the C list in the past, and that hasn’t stopped the government from asking me for help.

RUSSIANS: The Russians work by buying influence with public intellectuals (people who write stuff). They play to egos. Russian ‘spies’ have the easiest job of all: find ‘useful idiots’. They are great at it.

CHINESE: The Chinese work by stealing info via blood relations in the states. They play to genetics, nationalism, racism, and the Chinese ‘chip on their shoulder’. They are very good at it.

MUSLIMS: The Muslims work by inciting violence with outcasts. They play to the contradiction between islam’s utopian promise and it’s evident contradiction in reality as the religion of the lower (lowest) classes. They are becoming reasonably good at it.

JEWS: The Jews work by using money to buy influence and by using their control of the media. They play of tribal common interest. They are very good at it.

AMERICANS: Americans work by gathering signal intelligence. They play off the distribution of american military, technical, financial, and commercial prowess to less developed countries, and discontent by the middle and upper middle classes in those countries.
Real ‘spies’ are very small in number. The simple ones are attache’s to embassies. The better are employees of foreign companies, or foreigners hired as employees of companies. Then there are just plain specialists who can be inserted into nearly any position as needed, and they develop

We all know how each group works. So we investigate each group by the means that group uses to organize.

So unless you start threatening the president, or specifically inciting violence you’re just another annoying malcontent. And there are a lot of you. And you’re little more than evidence of the superiority of our legal system’s ability to tolerate intellectual dissent, while at the same time prohibiting physical violence.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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