Opinion on Tucker? Missing the Boat.

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—“What’s your current opinion of Jeffrey Tucker?”—Johannesson

[T]ucker is a decent fellow seeking income by popularizing libertinism.
As a writer he is articulate.
As a marketer of ideas he is quite good.
As an editor he is even better.
As a theorist he is as weak as the rest.
As an entrepreneur he conflates his advocacy of his over-investment in his passion with the demands of the market: something no libertarian should fail to recognize. Ideology must satisfy market demand just as any other product.

Like the MI he failed to see the dramatic sea change from hopeful and rebellious classical liberals combined with a few social misfits, to alt-right classical liberals and many socially con-formative. And by missing that shift, and holding onto prior intellectual investments, he has missed his opportunity to generate revenue by continuing WITH the stream, rather than now struggling against it.

The world has moved on. The Alt-right owns the momentum because it attacks the lies and pseudoscience of the postmoderns head-on, rather than continuing the won-battle against socialism.

The Libertine generation is over. Libertines cannot hold territory against invaders wishing to impose alternative normative and institutional ambitions.

No one gets a free ride on liberty. The only means of obtaining liberty is the violent suppression of those who would take it from us.

Alt-right is the only possible form of liberty, and therefore the only direction of libertarian investment.

It is what it is. Adapt or perish.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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