Month: November 2015

  • What Do You Think Of Americans Who Deny The Existence Of The Massive Red State/blue State Cultural Division In The Nation?

    The most honest answer is not to create a false frame of ‘we’ and instead break it by voting patterns (see Pew Research) for an empirical analysis not one of confirming existing priors by guessing correlations. Roughly speaking, the north-south divide present since the civil war remains. Primarily, people vote by two criteria: Race, Religion […]

  • Just Like Industrial And Technological Revolution, What Possibly Will Be The Next Big Revolution Which Would Change The World Order?

    I’m going to posit a very different revolution, that is far more important. Lets look at a set of revolutionary inventions: Cooperative Revolution Tool Use Revolution Language Revolution (??) Oral History Revolution Metalwork revolution Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (first computational revolution) Greek Rationalism (Aristotelianism and stoicism) Christian Mysticism ( a regression if there ever was […]

  • . . .

    [A] test, by a rational actor, of existential possibility independent of involuntary transfer by externality defeats most pretense of morality.

  • The Meaning of Emotions

    (worth repeating) [I]f I am correct, and that all emotions are reflections in change in state of property en toto, then all statements of experience are objectively describable independent of statements of experience. And differences in experience are differences in evolutionary strategy. And evolutionary strategies can be decided meritocratically. This knowledge is as dehumanizing as […]

  • The High Cost of Truthfulness – But Truth Is Enough

    [T]here is a high cost to truth telling. I am entirely aware of the burden we must pay for physical defense of the realm, physical defense of life and property, normative defense of civic behavior, and defense of the informational commons. But in each case the costs produce extraordinary returns. If we require truthfulness, invasive […]

  • To Eliminate The Predatory State, Eliminate Demand For The Predatory State

    [E]liminate demand for the state and we shall have no moral cause for the state. Law must evolve as fast as a polity. The common law can.?? To eliminate the arbitrary discretion of authority, eliminate demand for arbitrary discretion by using the common law and property. Any conflict that cannot be resolved under the common […]

  • From Jim’s Blog: “Yes, we are at war with Islam”

    [A]nd always have been. For over a thousand years, a multitude of nations, states, peoples, cultures, religions, and empires have attempted to coexist with Islam. None have succeeded. We will not be the first. If you have a few percent of Muslims, you have what you can pretend is a major crime problem. If you […]

  • Reframe Developed and Developing Nations as High Trust and Low Trust Nations.

    Reframe: DEVELOPING/DEVELOPED Should be restated as High Trust vs High Corruption. This would more clearly address the cause of differences. WORDS MATTER: “The High Trust World vs the Low Trust World.” We can implement fiat money and credit but not high trust. (ie: common law)

  • Peak Human and Dysgenic Policy

    (good read) [P]eak Human 1) The history of man is of the evolution of increasing levels of aggression, exterminating the prior family, tribe, race, species. 2) The history of western man is the incremental suppression of free riding, idleness, impulsivity and aggression by violence. 3) The success of the west in ancient and modern eras […]

  • CORE: The Commons: constructing discounts.

    THE COMMONS: USE OF THE ORGANIZATION TO CONSTRUCT DISCOUNTS ON TIME, MATERIAL, TRANSACTION AND OPPORTUNITY COSTS. AND… MORE. BASELINE: Laws Of Organization 1) Man acquires because he must. He organizes to acquire because the returns on cooperation disproportionately outweigh those of individual productivity. The utility of an organization (a business, a market, a society, a […]

  • The Unification of the Circumpolar People

    (trigger warning) [I]f the Russian president simply ceases his perpetual lying and propaganda, and speaks straight, and does not seek to expand the borders, then Russia will become the leader of the world. Russia is a low trust high corruption society plagued by the problem of oil wealth that must be used to bribe people […]

  • Dear Russian Friends. Americans Are Not Cunning…

    [D]ear Russian Friends. Americans are not Cunning. They are not smart. They are not devious. They are Utopians. They all desire to be the heroic, chivalrous, sheriff or knight. They want to save the world. They work hard. They try to do the right thing. They cannot imagine an untrustworthy world any more than the […]

  • True Enough? Imagine A Grammar That Promised Truth Content

    (worth repeating) (extension of hierarchy of truth) (interesting for language geeks) ***The purpose of science is not to convey the experience but to provide decidability in matters of dispute over existence regardless of experience.*** [L]ets note the difference between the following points of view. 1 existence, 2 experience of the universe, 3 utility in determining […]

  • Female Reproductive Strategy

    [T]he female r-selection strategy also includes: increasing your numbers decreases your risk of (a) bearing the dominance of and abuse of an alpha, (b) bearing unwanted offspring by undesirable mates (c) engaging in status competition with other females and losing (d) running out of allies and assistance in production and care-taking (e) running out of […]

  • The Shift In Violence

    1) Violence is not less. It shifts from violent to indirect, and transfers from destructive to constructive use. War. Religion. Law. Credit. 2) Violence. Theft shifts from territory and women, to things, to money, to taxation, to credit, to fraud, to free riding, to conspiracy. 3) Much of the world is less violent because of […]

  • The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here!

    The zombie apocalypse is here. They just have 80 IQ’s instead of 40. The virus is conceptual. And you don’t have to shoot them in the head. Anywhere will do.

  • The Secrets of Propertarian (Scientific) Analysis:

    [T]he Secrets of Propertarian (Scientific) Analysis: 1) For any concept you refer to, construct lines of three or more points demonstrating limits not states. This is the most subtle and difficult part of the method since we tend to think in ideal types that invoke a particular experience and not the range of conditions and […]

  • More On Debate: Hierarch Of Arguments

  • Q&A: “Why do people get triggered by Curt…”

    Q&A: “Why do people get triggered by Curt and immediately downvote his videos? They’re at least interesting ideas to entertain even if you don’t accept them.” [I] have been openly attacking the MI hierarchy for two years now. And they have no response to my criticisms (they cant have one really – they can only […]

  • Q&A: “WHY DON’T YOU DEBATE THE ROTHBARDIANS”, Or ” [insert name here]“?

    QUICK ANSWER: [A]ny time. Any day. It’s because they’re afraid of me. Just as they’re becoming increasingly afraid of everyone else given the catastrophic failure of their ideology. Hans has said I am ‘too combative’ which is true – because one of the marxist techniques is to rely upon your good manners and lack of […]

  • The Disarming Effect of the r/K Reproductive Strategy Argument: Liberals Are Just Mindless Brainstems.

    —“Liberalism isn’t intellectual. It is merely the rabbit’s r-selected Reproductive Strategy, intellectualized in humans who exhibit it instinctually. Its only purpose is to exploit a resource excess in our society. This information kills Liberals, if you point it out to them, because it strips Liberalism of any intellectual justification, leaving it as merely a conglomeration […]

  • Why Is Propertarianism’s Explanatory Power So Important?

    [W]ell, look at each discipline as a set of criticisms than any theory has to survive scrutiny. A unit of measure, or method of comparison, might be informative inside of a particular discipline, but meaningless across disciplines (happiness for example makes no sense in mathematics, yet at least basic mathematics makes sense in experimental psychology). […]

  • He Who Fights Regardless of Rank Is A Brother In Arms

    [S]eek out combat: Intellectual, romantic, social, economic, and physical. Not to win, but to improve until you can no longer find a way to lose. Love the fight. Revel in it. It’s your heritage. Celebrate it. Heroes all – whether words, heart, work, money, stick, spear, sword or rifle. He who fights regardless of rank […]

  • Why Aren’t There More Female Directors

    [T]op 100 films (directed by women) – a list by minalex The problem is that there is only one money making director on that list that can compete with men as a rule rather than as an outlier, and that’s KB. It’s not about whether you like the movie. It’s about whether people will drive, […]

  • We All Weaponize Something Or Other…

    [I] suppose that weaponizing truth and commons is our strategy. From the rest of the world’s position, weaponizing testimony has produced all our technological advantages (christians), and we use that technological advantage to out compete others – and to colonize them. Some groups are very very good at fighting (Russians). Some other groups are just […]