My Position on Race and Racism – Again. And It’s Relation to Polytheism.

[I] am an aggressive supporter of kin-preference, aristocratic families, paternal aristocracies, and as many of them as an can make.

My position on the friction between the races is that democracy and multiculturalism causes conflict between them. And that nationalism, aristocracy, paternalism and local separatism improve everyone.

My position on the cause of the *meaningful* differences between the races is the degree of suppression of the underclasses and their reproduction over long periods of time.

My means of criticizing other groups is whether their group evolutionary strategy is objectively more or less moral than some others.

My demand for changes is not to place it upon others, but to change our weaknesses so that we are no longer subject to the damage of the less moral, yet can reap the benefits of the more moral.

I am very fond of my non-kin friends. I want to help them raise themselves and their families, as all aristocracy should assist other aristocracies in raising themselves and their families.

So I don’t really want to lose those friends because you choose to criticize others successful reproductive strategies, rather than the criticize and repair your (our) own failed reproductive strategies.

I don’t do racism. I might agree or disagree with you. But my goal is the evolution of man. I prefer every tribe evolve together, not that any tribe be subsumed by another. I want to see a world of many tribes – of many extended aristocratic families, raising their extended families. I do not seek to dominate others, only to preserve my tribe and to advance it and mankind’s tribes in the long journey to becoming gods.

That is my vision of polytheism.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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