A Speech: The Aristocratic Ethics of Debate

[T]he Aristocratic Ethics of Debate:

“The only reason not to kill you is that it is more beneficial or may be more beneficial to cooperate in the pursuit of truth, than take your property and your women, enslave you, or kill you.

“In order to discover the truth, so that we may both benefit from it, I agree to forgo the use of my violence, so that you may debate me objectively and truthfully.

“I warranty I shall debate only objectively and truthfully. In exchange I demand that you also warranty that you will conduct only a debate objectively, and truthfully.

“And should you engage in deceit, or attempt to shame me, or rally opinion against me, then you violate that warranty, and I no longer shall bind my weapons, but kill you for your dishonesty, and your attempt to hide the truth from me and all men.

“So take heed how you inform our person. How you awake our sleeping sword of war. For what follows is bloody constraint. And I warranty I shall kill you or die in the process of trying”*

This is aristocracy.
This is paternalism.
This is excellence.
This is honor.
This is godliness.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

(*Liberties taken with the Bard.)

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