(Humor / Sarcasm) Stomping on Bunnies.

(I know I shouldn’t do this, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.)

Curt Doolittle
I am not interested in should, I am interested in shall. Not in persuasion but compliance. Not in compromise but in defeat. Not in tolerance but in deportation.


Wow you sound just like Hitler.

Superb. Thank you.

heil mein fuhrer

Curt Doolittle
Men conduct arguments.
Men act on those arguments
Men pay the costs of their action
Little girls gossip, rally and shame.
Infantilized boys imitate the gossip, rallying and shaming of little girls.

Wow what a coward you are you lack the courage of your convictions.

Curt Doolittle
Perhaps – or it could be that I find irony in illustrative and amusing taunt to the infantilized male. wink emoticon
We either use our wealth of violence to prevent conquest, or we prefer present consumption to our perpetuation.
wink emoticon

What the hell are you talking about? are you drunk?

No, he’s just stupid. You can fix ignorance, you cannot fix stupid

Curt Doolittle
It is a veritable certainty that I am both more intelligent and better read than you are. Which aside from statistical probability, requires no other evidence than ad hominem attempts at shaming rather than rational or empirical argument.

No your an idiot!

Curt Doolittle:  Keep it up Curt!!! Wish I had your vocabulary, grammar, etc.

Curt Doolittle
^one grain of sand at a time. You will get there if you wish to. Just take all the time you need. smile emoticon -hugs

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