In Defense of Trump

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[T]amara Starr is merely unsophisticated, and lacks understanding of the construction business, in which the majority of players first underbid to win, then engage in scamming the developer – the one who has the money – due to asymmetry of information: subcontractors know their craft and the developer cannot.

So the developer’s rational strategy is to force all parties into negotiations post delivery. In general the rule of thumb is that profitability of construction projects is obtained in court, as the only possible way to force subcontractors into truthful accounting, because they are under threat of perjury, and prosecution for lying to the court rather than just to the developer.

This is very similar to international relations where no parties deal ethically and most have little concept of it and many see ethical negotiation as stupidity or weakness.

That is why trump is the perfect man for this stage of Americas development.

Unfortunately, as ms Starr demonstrates, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Or more technically: The Dunning-Kruger effect is Everywhere.

Curt Doolittle, the Propertarian Institute, Kiev Ukraine.

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