Peak Human and Dysgenic Policy

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[P]eak Human

1) The history of man is of the evolution of increasing levels of aggression, exterminating the prior family, tribe, race, species.
2) The history of western man is the incremental suppression of free riding, idleness, impulsivity and aggression by violence.
3) The success of the west in ancient and modern eras was by truthfulness, productivity, martial excellence, and aggressive eugenic suppression.
4)”Pareto is Everywhere”. A population above the median IQ of 106 is necessary for libertarian modernity. Lost via dysgenia.
5) The problem for any tribe is to raise top 20% over ~122. Economic velocity, trust, morality decrease rapidly with losses.
6) Asymmetry of property is necessary to construct the voluntary organization of production. Inequality is a necessary good.
7) Current leftist economic theory attempts to discover the minimum inequality necessary for the preservation of incentives.
8) Under the assumption that the increased risk and decreased flexibility and increased busts can be limited by fiat credit.
9) The result is r-selected dysgenia and decreasing ability in the pool (slightly offset by improvements via education in sciences) given that
10) the unemployability problem increases with the Flynn effect – meaning that even if we find additional ways of improving demonstrated human intelligence we cannot move employment further up the curve without decreasing rates of dysgenic underclass reproduction.
11) We cannot both have immigration and transfer of reproduction from our best to our worst.
12) We increase unemployability and increase inequality, and construct a dysgenic caste system on the south american and hindu model, rather than an ever-increasing-equality under the eugenic western aristocratic model.
13) We have recreated the problem of the roman conquest which is increasing productivity through trade to the point where the upper classes cannot withstand shocks because we are in insufficient numbers.
14) The limit to any right to profit is that which imposes an intertemporal cost on the genetics, commons, institutions, norms of the polity. Theft from the future may be profitable, but it is merely theft.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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