The Fallacy Of Higher Female Cost of Reproduction

(worth repeating) (interesting contrarian argument)

—**While incorrectly stated as a difference in *COST* of reproduction – since male deaths from production and defense of the tribe are higher than female deaths in birth, and male lifespans are shorter from accumulated injury and cellular damage – the genders differ not in cost but in the *CONTROL* over reproduction. Females can directly control their reproduction, nurture offspring, and rally males and females to her defense, while men can kill or prohibit other males from access, gain access to additional females, and defend females and offspring in order to propagate their and their brother’s genes.**—

—The female reproductive economic strategy (r-selection) is to bear as many children as she can, to place their cost upon the tribe, and to advocate for their success regardless of their merit. The male economic reproductive strategy is to capture as many females by killing as many opposing tribe’s males, then pairing off with female mates so that all brothers maintain incentives to preserve the group. This paring off is the most effective compromise between the genders (which is institutionalized in marriage). If combined with creative ‘cheating’ by males and females, both social alliance and reproductive improvement can be achieved.—

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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