The Truth Content of Religions

[N]ature worship – or the sacredness of nature – and ancestor worship, and hero worship, and stoic rituals that produce mindfulness are hard to call dishonest or untruthful. Praying for wisdom from any of the above is pretty hard to posit as anything worse than mental discipline that encourages self honesty.

We cannot say the same of the offspring of babylonian totalitarian mythos. I am a big fan of confession myself. it works. I am a big fan of prayer. It works. I am a fan of mindfulness – albeit, I use writing and argument for that purpose. I am a fan of meditation, although I meditate on while listening to the recorded words of great men. I am … uncomfortable with my feeling that all our thoughts, words, and deeds are somehow influencing each other – although I am aware that it is likely just cognitive bias.

What I will am not comfortable with, what I will rebel against, what I have chosen to conduct war against, is the cult of lies that originates in theology, is exacerbated under obscurantist language of rationalism, and worsened under pseudoscience and propaganda.

I will protect me and mine from nature. I will protect me and mine from virus and disease. I will protect me and mine from beast. I will protect me and mine from violence, theft, fraud, conspiracy, immigration, conversion, war and conquest. And the most important means of protecting me and mine, is to punish the smallest infraction of our promise of cooperation: lying.

[N]o more lies. No more american utopian lies. No more lies for the purpose of marketing advertising and selling. no more lies for accumulating political power. No more lies for entertainment purposes that we call news. No more lies from the politicians platform, no more lies from the professors’s podium, no more lies from the intellectual’s media, no more lies from the priest’s pulpit. No more lies.

If you are not willing to pay the cost of forgoing your lies, you are not willing to enter into the exchange that requires others to forgo their lies. As such you are a liar, a fraud, and a thief.

No more lies. It is expensive for all of us to stop lying. It is burdensome to speak the truth in matters of the commons. It is expensive to learn to speak truthfully.

But it was expensive not to kill. not to steal. not to commit fraud. not to engage in entrapment (usury), not to engage in free riding, not to engage in conspiracy – and tremendously rewarding for us to be forced into engaging in production.

It was expensive for us to learn literacy. It was expensive for us to learn scientistic thought. I twas expensive for us to abandon mysticism. All these institutional changes cost us heavily.

Truth is the most expensive commons in the world which is why none does it. Truth prohibits parasitism. And the majority of the world has chosen to perpetuate parasitism internally, if not professionalize in parasitism externally.

But the returns on truth will be as great as the returns on science.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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