Truth is Expensive, But The Returns Warrant It, and Morality Demands It

[I]t was very expensive to create settlements by prohibiting predation by the development of armies and professional warriors. But we obtained the ability to accumulate capital, and to create a division of labor.

It was very expensive to create property rights by prohibiting parasitism through law and indoctrination. But we obtained the ability to create a market, money, and prices.

It was very expensive to create literacy by creating printing and education. But we dramatically expanded human productivity, and demonstrated intelligence.

It was very expensive to create scientific thought through a century of education. But we dramatically reduced transaction costs, increased human productivity, and increased demonstrated intelligence.

It will be equally expensive to create TRUTHFULNESS – or, perhaps, restore truthfulness to the scientific era. And the gains will will obtain from truthfulness will be equal to if not surpass the gains we obtained from literacy.

A truthful world is as hard for us to imagine as a scientific world was for religio-rationalists to imagine, as it was for the pre-literate to imagine the literate, as it was for the barbaric to imagine the urban.

That something is an expensive commons to produce is not a criticism. It is a question of returns.

Mankind must eventually make this transition. We can do it now, and free ourselves of the threats to our civilization – the civilization that invented truth. Or we can experience a peak beyond which we fail to pass, as did the Greeks and the Romans. As did the Byzantines and Persians. As did the Austrians and Spanish. As did the French and German. And let our civilization pass from this earth – disappearing, and becoming subject to peoples more barbaric than we.

I am willing to die to save my civilization, my race, my people from another dark age, and to instead transform mankind from the merely rational and scientific to the truthful stage of evolution.

This isn’t a cost I expect everyone to agree to bear. But it is a cost I know many of us are willing to bear – and to bear gladly and heroically.

We can purge all forms of lies from this earth.

And in doing so, transform man into gods.

For what is a god but a wielder of truth? And what is a devil, but a wielder of error, bias, wishful thinking, and deceit?

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kyiv, Ukraine

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