Why IQ Matters So Much? For Good Reasons:

1) Pareto effect requires 20% of the population control production through control of private property. The more talented is that 20%, the higher competitive ability and performance of the economy, and the greater prosperity.

2) Norms MUST reflect the average of the polity, and reflect the Pareto distribution of property.

3) About 106 is the minimum IQ necessary for expression of ideas and abstract concepts. This is the minimum IQ necessary for work with concepts rather than manual operations. It takes an IQ of 106 to ‘repair’ a machine, or articulate your ideas.

4) Lower IQ people demonstrate less moral behavior, and higher IQ people demonstrate more moral behavior.

5) Dunning Krueger effect increases as IQ decreases, increasing discord. In truth it is always present except that the effect is general and disruptive in lower classes, and niche and understood in the upper.

6) Those people with IQ below 106, will find it increasingly difficult to find work requiring other than unskilled manual labor or unskilled service labor. If one cannot make use of abstractions to calculate something or other then one will be unemployable, since anything that does not require abstractions is rapidly open to automation.

This six factors MUST lead to social and economic discord.

We have ceased our western program of eugenics both in the aggressive culling of criminals from the gene pool through constant hanging, in the suppression of the reproduction of the lower classes through manorialism, in the use of unskilled labor in frequent war, and in the restriction of immigration to ghettos.

Worse, we have transferred rates of reproduction from the middle and upper class to the lower classes through redistribution.

The eugenicists were correct – but involuntary surgery is difficult for us to accept. The softer method of practicing eugenics is paying the unemployable not to reproduce; limiting immigration to extremely skilled labor; expanding employment into our later years so that minor service jobs are filled by the aged (keeping them healthier), and expanding it downward to youth, so that minor labor jobs are filled by the young. The evidence is that we should decrease time spent in education and increase labor participation both in the young and old. More time in production and activity and less time sitting and listening to propaganda. We destroyed most of the western intellectual advantage in one century, and we can return in the same amount of time.

The west and east differ from the rest, in aggressive programs of eugenics. The west differs from the east in the consequences of heroism: individualism, truth telling, high trust, elimination of corruption, and the economic velocity that accompanies it.

They always have been. They always will be. Until there is no longer an underclass. We did not oppress the underclasses, we defended mankind, civilization and the earth itself from them.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, ukraine

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