Kudos, and A Question: “Do You Identify With the Label Alt-Right, or New Right?”

Hi Curt,
I wanted to let you know I discovered you and your work after listening to your appearance on The Right Stuff. Very interesting episode that stands out from the rest. I have never had much interest in libertarianism (I came from a left wing anarchist background) but I find all the material coming out of the propertarian institute to be incredibly lucid, coherent, articulate, and enlightening. I have watched a lot of your videos and read the posts you make and find the arguments you make to be salient in a way that is not typically found in discussions in the alt-right strata, or anywhere else for that matter. I’m curious if you would identify with the label of “alternative or new right” ? — Chris Jones

[T]hanks Chris. You made my day.

And it matters to me a great deal when I get these posts and messages. While in the past year or two I’ve been gaining popularity, and comprehensibility, I worked for many years to develop propertarianism as an amoral scientific language of ethics, morality and politics. And to do it, I worked hard to make enough money that I could afford to do it. And sometimes, when tired, overwhelmed, or subject to passionate criticism I wondered if it was worth it – the cost was my health, my marriage, and most of my wealth. So every compliment you folks give me is something I cherish.

Propertarianism should evolve to replace psychology, ethics, sociology, morality, and politics the way reason eclipsed mysticism. I believe I have corrected the pseudosciences of the 19th century, and completed the enlightenment transformation from mysticism to rationalism by the transformation of rationalism to science.

Now, as for how I consider myself, I consider myself an Aristocratic Egalitarian, or as we would say in common language “Conservative Libertarian”. What I share with the NRx movement is agreement that the Cathedral Complex has replaced the Aristocracy and Church, and done so at great harm to our people. What I share with the Alt Right is the disdain for the Cathedral Complex’s use of pseudoscience, propaganda, and the institutionalization of lying in its attempt to reinvent christian mysticism as a universal heresy we call democratic socialist secular humanism. What I share with both movements is a recognition that the enlightenment project has failed because it has resulted in the Cathedral Complex and the destruction of western civilization.

How I differ is in defining causes, and seeking actionable solutions rather than offering criticisms. I realize that the west never wrote down its philosophy and religion, but practiced it as a tradition – as did our british-drudic ancestors, who were exterminated, and our aristocratic ancestors who were indoctrinated by the church – as did our aristocratic ancestors who have been indoctrinated by the Cathedral complex. And because of these losses we had no means of resistance against the cathedral complex. And the first conquest of the greco-roman west by the first great lie (babylonia/jewish/egyptian mysticism) was only saved by the reintroduction of aristotle (science). Just as in the current era, the second great lie (pseudoscience and lying) – both Jewish inventions. Both propagated by women and slaves (underclasses). And so in both eras jews invented great lies, that appeal to women and spread tot he underclasses as a means of destroying our civilization.

The question is, since we cannot return the clock to the past, how do we innovate, rather than regress? We can write a bible of sorts (a canon of law) and we can reform our cult (religion of intergenerational pedagogy) and we can reform our government (means of producing commons) so that THE GREAT LIES can no longer be used by women and slaves (the underclasses) to destroy our civilization.

Yarvin is a jewish continental, Hoppe a german rationalist, and I am an anglo empiricist. We all carry our traditions in the physical structures of our brains. But just as the greeks brought us out of ignorance with science, and the british brought us out of mysticism with science, we can bring ourselves out of pseudoscience and deceit with science. And use that science to construct institutions that satisfy the needs of the human animal while limiting our collective desire to harm, lie, cheat, steal, and conspire rather than engage in productive activities.

Thank you for the support. And please stay with me on our journey. smile emoticon


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