Behold Pandora: Destroyer of Civilization

[W]omen have used the voting booth to pull forward consumption in favor of unbounded reproduction. Men used civilization to prolong consumption in favor of capital accumulation. We men developed the many prohibitions and regulation of male impulses, biases and intuitions for no less than ten thousand years, and yet we handed women equal political power without equal prohibitions and regulations on female impulses, biases, and intuitions. Women undid in just over one century thousands of years of civilization.

Unlike ‘conservatives’ I do not seek to withdraw women’s participation, but to limit the damage done by female impulses, biases and intuitions just as we limited the damage that can be done by male impulses, biases and intuitions.

Unfortunately for the Feminist movement, it has become clear that it was the impulses of in-group women that we controlled throughout the process of civilization, and the impulses of out-group men we controlled through the process of civilization.

So the evolution of property accomplished both the regulation of women’s impulsive reproduction at the expense of capital accumulation. Or put more simply: it was as equally important to regulate women as it was men. But our institutions and laws regulated men, while our norms regulated women. Given access to the ballot box, and thereby to political power, women destroyed civilization in pursuit of their impulses.

Houses for competing group evolutionary strategies.
Houses like the senate and jury, hear appeals.
Contracts for commons must pass dissent by involuntary transfer, not assent.

It is hard for us to grasp that there is not much that is a knowable good goal, only knowable good process for achieving goals.

    That there are knowable bad goals and knowable bad processes, and knowable bad actions.
    That which is bad can be known: they are truths.
    That which is good is that which is not bad.
    That which is better is a matter of preference not truth.
    We can enfranchise anyone under the prevention of the bad.

And we can return Pandora to the box.

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  1. Curt Doolittle
    Lets keep in mind that I am explaining both what happened, and what to do about it. I’m stating only that we failed to regulate women’s impulses like we regulated men’s: through a market.

    Men regulate each other in-group, but must prevent others from raiding (parasitism) in its many forms.

    Men evolved property rights and marriage as a way of regulating in-group women. (it’s not necessary to regulate out-group women).

    I am not sure who was first to put it together, but I know Engels wrote about it, and the feminists write about it frequently: that as property rights evolved, tribes moved from matrilineal to patrilineal because of the importance of capital (mostly animals) and the increasing individual male risk in defending his property (mostly cattle).

    The hierarchy of families roughly translates into the atomization of property from the tribe, through the family through the couple, to the individual.

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