Dear Fellow Intellectuals – Especially in Academia. Learn The Language of Economics.

[T]he language of social science is now and will forever be, economics, just as the language of ratios is and will be mathematics. But when we say economics, we mean not monetary economics, but the terminology of costs, discounts and premiums. The effect of asymmetry of information. The language of equilibria.

Acquisition, Inventory, Property-en-toto (demonstrated property)
Incentive and retaliation
Voluntary and moral exchange, involuntary and immoral takings.
Cooperation, Boycott, and War.
Acquisitions, Costs, and Full Accounting
Opportunity costs, Transaction Costs
Information and Asymmetry
Portfolios and Equilibria
Production and Reproduction, Genetic Pacification and Evolution
The Intertemporal Division of reproductive Perception, Cognition, Labor, and Advocacy

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