Empirical Evidence of the Superiority of Western Truthfulness

[T]he Chosen People is an argument to supremacy. Islamism is an argument to supremacy. Evidence is of european supremacy whether pagan or christian. Actually, its against christian mysticism, and in favor of pagan science, independence and testimony.

If we look at RATES of evolution (development) instead of earliest development, it’s pretty obvious that the superior people, the superior system of government, the superior system of production of the arts and sciences, is european.

A small backward people on the edge of eurasia outperform every civilization in history in both the prehistoric (british isles), the ancient (greco-roman-danubian), and modern (anglo-german) eras. This is merely empirical. “Who did it first” is just a dishonest framing. The more important question is, who consistently does it faster.

And in the ancient and modern periods the philosophy of aristocracy (truth) has defeated every competitor.

The only challenge came from the jews in both eras: christian mysticism extended Egyptian authoritarianism using babylonian mythos. And in the modern era, jewish pseudoscience: boaz, freud, marx, cantor, mises, Frankfurt, rothbard, and rand.

The reason it worked in both eras: WOMEN and SLAVES united with JEWISH argument against us.

The only challenge came from lies.

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