Existence: Natural Numbers, Natural Morality, Natural Law

(important concept)

[A]ll conflicts are commensurable and decidable, therefore objective morality objectively exists. The counter proposition is that conflcits are not logically decidable by any means. When one says objective (necessary and natural) morality doesn’t exist, what one means instead, is that despite the existence of objective decidability, therefore objective morality, that no group in fact practices objective, necessary, natural, morality, and instead practices a portfolio of norms that they cast as moral, just as we cast natural (natural, necessary) law, legislation, and regulation as law when in fact only natural, necessary law is objectively extant law. The rest is the work of man. Natural numbers, natural morality, and natural laws exist out of necessity. All else is the arbitrary work of man for his local convenience.

—“If practicing “natural morality” will kill a man, or even merely diminish him in wealth, status, or some other measure, then it is just as natural that he will not practice it. This is the origin of conflict.”—Eli Harman


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