(Follow-up) The Failed Book of Athenian Truth, The Successful Book of Jerusalem Deceit.

—Dr. Dolittle, you’re an ignorant anti-semite!!—

[A]ctually I’m not anti-anything (and certainly not anti-gene pool, just the opposite) other than theft and deceit, and I am probably the most knowledgeable person working today on the subject of Truth, and its consequences in Ethics, Morality, and Politics. Which I’m happy to demonstrate in any debate with anyone living at any time. And I probably know the very few people capable of debating me.

Either statements are true, statements are false or statements are undecidable. Either you can attack the arguments that I put forward or you cant. No name calling will alter the truth or falsity of the statements. All it demonstrates is that you’re either ignorant or dishonest.

The fact of the matter is that westerners discovered quite by accident, the technology of truth and it resulted in reason, science, medicine, technology and nearly all significant advancements made by mankind.

The fact of the matter is that for some reason, probably necessity, the hebrews created very useful means of deception of simple people who wished for the world to be other than it is. Their first great lie was scriptural monotheism. Their second great lies were pseudoscience.

The New England neo-puritans (my people, my ancestors, since my ancestors were norman and then puritans in the plymouth and new haven colonies,) evolved into the anti-slavery movement as a way of preparing the way for women’s suffrage. This is all well documented history. Sorry. The combination of the radical changes of the industrial revolution, the anglo, french, german, and jewish enlightenment failures, and the failure of western governments to successfully adapt rule of law and political processes that provide a means of constructing commons, could not adapt.

While a good number of our greatest minds understood that a problem was in progress they failed at solving it. Poincaré, Russell, Mises, Hayek, Popper, Bridgman, Brouwer, all failed to solve the problem of the social sciences. And because they failed, the 20th century will be remembered both as a rapid economic expansion, and (as Hayek warned it would be) a century of mysticism. Or, given their lack of understanding of the reason for the success of the discipline of science, ‘the century of pseudoscience.’.

These are just facts. Deal with reality. We don’t need more lies. We’ve destroyed western civilization with those lies.

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