Government(Particular) vs Rule (Universal)

[T]here is a very great difference between government and rule.

    Rule: the adjudication of differences in matters of dispute by non-discretionary rules. It is a purely prohibitionary (negative) responsibility.
    Government: The means of decision making by which groups select a limited set of commons to invest in with scarce resources given the unlimited demand for commons.

I am not sure all peoples can easily generate judges capable of rule by rule of law. Although wth sufficient training it appears largely possible.

I do not think other peoples should participate in the selection of a commons for a people, only in the prevention of privatization of commons, or the socialization of losses into commons.

In this sense, colonialism is very different from adjudication. And my feeling is that most nations would benefit from hiring judges. And most would benefit from not being colonized.

Rule of law works over time. Law is a science. The production of commons is an extension of the family. It can only grow with the people themselves.

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