It’s Not A Fallacy, It’s A Deceit

(First Draft)

[W]orking through Rallying and Shaming (which are threats of non-cooperation), through the techniques used against the west, if not against all humans.

I come up with this hierarchy as a first draft.

1) Gossiping, Shaming, Rallying (Threatening with non-cooperation)
2) Loading, Framing, Overloading (Saturation)
3) Distraction, Half-Truth/Suggestion, Big Lie (Substitution overloading)
4) Magic, Monotheism, Pseudoscience (loaded and framed big lie)
5) Interpersonal, Square/Pulpit/Podium, Media (overloaded big lie)
6) State, Academy and School, Entertainment and Media

All of which are attacks on the subconscious to force the application of pathological altruism, rather than reason and skepticism.

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