Propertarian Class Structures


(draft)(note that education is a commercial class)

Martial Class (suppression of parasitism)
—Kings and Generals
—Knights(professionals), Soldiers
—Judges, and Sherriffs

Commons Class (Construction of Commons)
—Infrastructure Institutions
—Civic Organizations
—Beauty and Maintenance
—Disaster Services

Insurer Class (Insurance)
—Priesthood and Intellectuals
—Insurers, and Insurers of last resort
—Medicine and Nursing
—Mothering and Child Care
—Elder Care
—Poor Care

Commercial Class (organization and execution of production)
—Major Corporate Alliances
—Finance, Banking
—Business and Entrepreneurship
—Distribution and Trade

Producer Classes
——Scientists (discover)
——Engineers (build)
——Programmers (instruct)
——Accountants (measure)
——Project Managers (time)
—Artist Class

—Labor Class

—Dependent Class (incapable of engaging in goods and service production)

—Out of Sight Class (incapable of engaging in commons production)

Criminal Class (forcing costs on commons and production)

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