Reducing Our Biological Differences To Rule Of Law

[I] think the tide has changed and that science of HBD has won out over “The Great Boazian Lie”.

Most variation in human behavior is hormonal, normative, and institutional. With the most influential difference in behavior (if not appearance) caused by norms and institutions. In other words, we ‘grow’ differently despite very similar genetic composition.

1) the majority of differences between the great tribes (races) is in the rates of reproduction of the lower classes. Or conversely, the rates of suppression of the reproduction of the underclasses and the concentration of reproduction in the middle and upper classes.

2) that sexual maturity regulates aggression and impulse and time preference.(humans are no different from foxes or any other creature). Hence the increasing aggression (and penis size) from east asian, northern whites(Ukrainian), southern(Iranian) whites, arabs, and africans.

3) cranial size effects intelligence disproportionately since intelligence is largely a function of memory.

4) there appears to be a difference in the evolution of different brain agents (language in particular) and in cooperation (frontal lobe) that is expressed in the races, and verbal self expression both limits frustration and increases cooperation.

5) raw athletic ability decreases with decreases in sexual maturity.

In other words, this hormonal theory of sexual maturity is a sufficient explanation for the variation in COMPETITIVENESS our gene pools, and the strategies that we adopt as norms and traditions given our competitiveness (or lack of it). And furthermore, any other theory would need be more parsimonious. And my position at present is that further improvement in our genetic understanding of man’s differences will augment rather than contradict or falsify this theory.

Or put another way, the end of evolution is that we reach minimum sexual maturity for reproduction but never switch off the youth and on the maturity signals.

Why am I only concerned about this level of precision rather than enumerating what appear to be significant differences between races (including the Ukrainian white and Indo-Iranian White)? Because I don’t need to suggest universalism under paternal aristocracy. Meaning I’m not advocating universalism. I’m not advocating diversity or equality. I’m merely pointing out that each tribe and sub-tribe will evolve into a high trust society that is not a threat to its neighbors if it practices eugenic reproduction and rule of law.

Not an aristocracy of everyone, but everyone living in aristocracies.

The problem for any society to solve is largely one of reducing the relative size of the individuals below what we consider 106IQ today, and a target for any polity should be a distribution no less that 115, and preferably 125 if we wish to see ‘Star Trek’ – whereas the current downward trend is producing a devolution to a future of ‘Favelas’.

It is possible that we have passed peak human, since it is very difficult to cleans defective genes from a polity, and intelligence is comprised of a complex set of genetic biases.

China surpasses india both because of superior suppression of the underclasses, and superior ability of the red army to force literacy.

The west succeeded because of (a) Aristocratic egalitarianism (b) martial truth (d) dramatic culling of the lower classes both by starvation, access to land, and aggressive hanging.

You do not so much improve your population as limit the harm done to it by the lower classes.

This is a consistent theme that I’ve discovered in most of my work: we do not know the truth but we know falsehood. WE do not know goods but we know bads. We cannot breed better men, we can only stop bad men from breeding more.

The EUGENICS program was perhaps the most important objective of western man, and the failure of it due to women and pseudosciences was the second catastrophe.

1) The Enlightenment fallacy of oppressed man vs eugenic civilization.

2) The Enlightenment undermining of monarchy, aristocracy, instead of addition of new houses for newly participatory classes.

3) The enfranchisement of women and women’s advocacy of enfranchising slaves as a means of gaining their own enfranchisement.

4) The Jewish Cosmopolitan Pseudoscientific movement as an attempt to create a second Religion for women and slaves (underclasses): Boaz(sociology), Marx(economics), Freud (psychology), Frankfurt School (politics).

5) The Anglo attack on german civilization in the first war. The anglo attack on german civilization in the second war, and failure of Germany to restore european civilization to aristocratic, aesthetic, and egalitarian origins.

6) The adoption of the Pseudoscientific Religion by the Academy, State, Media complex and its appeal to women in academy: as revenue, state voting as power, and consumer consumption of goods as revenue. (a degree in other than STEM fields appears to be nothing more than a modern sale of Indulgences to build universities instead of churches.)

7) The 1965/66 Immigration law by which the Women, Blacks, Jews, the Pseudoscientific Religion of the Academy, State, Media complex sought to achieve through depopulation (destruction of the family) and immigration (invasion) what they could not achieve by propaganda.

8) The failure of the masculine, familial, conservative, libertarian, and scientific thought leadership to produce a body of thought to counter the second use of women as a means of distributing the Pseudoscientific Revolution’s attempt at the Second Great Lie (pseudoscience) second only to the First Great Lie (monotheism). (Which Propertarianism and Testimonialism, Genetic and Cognitive science, plus a century of recorded damage to civilization help to overturn.)

9) the great wealth to be made from the conquest and sale of the North American (US/Canadian), and Australian continents, has been interpreted as a property of American Democracy rather than american democracy is a temporary luxury made possible by the rather ridiculous wealth from the 300 year long sale of the Continent to immigrants. And while we were limited to immigration of middle class gene pools without access to land from above the Hanjal line, we now are engaged in a pollution of all forms of capital. (the same applies to Russia by the way.)

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


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