The Cults of Megalomania: Justification of Non-Integration

[B]oth Jewish and Muslim cults include the original claims of Megalomania and utopianism that Abraham invested in the doctrine, and which is the excuse used to both create unity and prevent assimilation into host civilizations. The master race of the Nazis was the same argument made by genetic destiny rather than divine command. There is no difference.

The middle east evolved separatism because it is an intersection of the races, and leadership wanted to prevent assimilation into assyrian, egyptian, and greek civilizations. And none could hold the territory against them. So they all failed to create a territorial ethic. It’s to be expected. They were traders and herders who raided and rain, not farmers who conducted war and held their ground.

But there is no difference at all between Nazi Racism and Aesthetic-Culturism and Jewish Racism and Religiocity and Muslim Religiocity. None. They are group evolutionary strategies for landed germanic and unlanded semitic peoples. That is all. Nothing more. Nothing less. We carry out history in our genes as well as our cultures.

Non-integration is the premise of jewish and muslim societies.

(That ought to ruffle a few feathers.)

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