The Curriculum

[T]HE UNIFYING METHOD: HISTORY: The Evolution of Each As A ‘Technology’ That People Used To Solve Problems. (ie: no wrote.)

ARTS – Personal
Myths and Legends, Literature, Biography, History(anthropology, archaeology), Geography, Space
Reading, Writing, Programming (note that programming is an extension of writing)
Health and Hygiene, Diet, Discipline, Diary, Tradition, Ritual, Feast(cooking), Holidays, Celebration.
Beauty: The Fine Arts(content), Design(aesthetics), Craft (construction)

ETHICS – Interpersonal
Virtue (excellences), Ethics and Morality, Natural and Common Law, Jury,
Testimony, Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric
Family(siblings and parents), Friendship, Alliances, Leadership, Romance, Marriage and Home, Parenting, Aging, Retiring, Death.
Hospital, Emergency Services, Charity, Care -and- Commons, Construction, use and maintenance, Manners

SCIENCES – Extrapersonal
Arithmetic, Measurement, Accounting, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, (Risk, Fragility, Probability and) Statistics, Calculus
Science, Engineering, Macro physics(large), Planetology-Ecology, biology, chemistry, subatomic
Money, Banking(credit, interest, notes, investments), Contract, Competition, Entrepreneurship (private), Politics (commons), Economics
War, Strategy, Tactics, Fighting, Sport, Fitness

CRAFTS – Production
Physical transformations (labor careers)
Logical Transformations (calculation careers)
Organizational Transformations (organizational careers)
Institutional Transformations (cross organizational careers )

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