The Great Liars And The Great Lies.

[T]he Great Liars
**They Mastered The Art of the Great Lie**

    Version 1: monotheism and christianity – using preachers pulpits
    Version 2: pseudoscience: boaz, marx, freud, cantor, (keynes), mises, frankfurt, rothbard – using The Academy Lectern, New Media, and Entertainment Arts.

In both the ancient and modern world, they told lies for women and slaves.

The Bigger The Lie The More Outrageous The More Effective At Using Words To Disconnect Imagination From Reality – that is the purpose of the great lies: to use altruism of the group to disconnect imagination from reality.

Women are more easily affected by both the incentive of altruistic submissiveness and more resistant to truth – much more so – and therefore are the easiest means of replication of great lies.

If enough women can be converted, then by means of their constant gossip, rallying and shaming, they will teach children, rebel against men, shame realists, and expand the lie to weak men, bad men,

Women are not only unequal, but they are ready vessels for the collection and distribution of imaginary falsehoods. This is just history now not suspicion. The fall of the west has been achieved through the grant of political power to women who of their nature are less likely to grasp reality, and more desirous of fantasy.

In the ancient world they spread the lie first to women and slaves.

In the modern world they inspired women to free slaves in an attempt to obtain political power themselves. They repeated the effort of freeing the slaves at the expense of civil war, and obtained political power. And within one generation used it to incrementally undermine the west.

The Great Liars, The Great Lies, and The Folly of Women.

The fist time it is a fluke, accident or interpretation. The second time it is a strategy composed of a simple tactics: use women and weak men to create and distribute a great lie that destroys the virtue of the west: the people who tell the truth, and the truth’s correspondence with reality.

And the great liars even destroyed science and rule of law.

What shall be the penalty for this great crime of the Christian and Postmodern Worlds? What is our means of restitution? Perhaps “2000 years of silence”?

The Truth Is Enough. Enough to Cure Russia. Enough To Restore The West. Science is the Discipline of Truth Telling. Law is the Forum for Demanding It.

We Must Use Law To End The Lies. And With It The Destruction Of The Liars.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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