The Martial Origins of Western Egalitarianism

[I] intuitively feel the principle of noblesse oblige: every position on the team, in the field, in the economy, in the army is dependent upon every other. But this not an air. It is continuation of tradition of martial rank.

Rank is necessary for coordination and skill, so that together we may resist or defeat those with less coordination and skill – but otherwise we are all brothers in arms.

This is the origin of western egalitarianism: voluntary organization of the militia as our means of defense. Of part time soldiers, and professional warriors. And we preserved this order in daily life. We preserved our ranks in daily life. We preserved our brotherhood in daily life. This is the meaning of ‘the west’.

The king and pawn fulfill different needs but the pawn cannot organize without the king, and the king cannot concentrate force without the pawn.

The martial is instinctual in many of us. It has been with us for millennia. It is in our genes. The urban is in many of them, and the steppe and desert in others. The woman carries with her impulsive pragmatism necessary of mothers, and her history as breeding herd for male bands.

Only we built the west out of truth, testimony, rank, and merit. Only we can save the west with truth, testimony, rank and merit.

Out of hierarchy we built equality.


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