The Nobel Prize is an Instrument of Propaganda Supporting Democratic Socialism

[W]ell, the Nobel Prize is awarded for POLITICAL ACTIVISM, not for content. Is her work worthy of a Nobel? Not likely. Is Solzhenitzyn? Maybe. The only Nobel prizes that are not rewarded on the basis of political progressivism are the hard (physical) sciences. The nobel prize is a vehicle for promoting european social democracy.

So in this sense, the Nobel prize given to this woman is equivalent to the Russian sponsorship of the Frankfurt School, The Ron Paul Institute, Global Research in Canada, and Russian funding of Muslim terrorists in Europe and America.

I have gained enough (limited) understanding of Russian economics and infrastructure to grasp why Putin does what he does. The only problem I have with what he does is (a) expanding Russian influence into eastern Europe, and (b) that they lie about what they’re doing.

The reason is that both American experiment has failed, and the Russian experiment has failed. And we both need to contain the barbarians and get our own houses in order, and punish troublemakers rather than try to expand our influence.

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