The Open Society Experiment Failed

[J]ust like every other cosmopolitan pseudoscience.

Just another ideological catastrophe. Sorry Karl Popper. You were just subconsciously hoping to recreate your ancestral home in eastern Europe under the remote and disinterested tsars.

The Ancient Slaves. The Medieval Jewish Ghetto. Eastern Europe under the Tzars. Israel defended by American arms and money.

And the Fallacy of Crusoe’s Island. Surrounded by the sea.

But what does the sea that defends Crusoe’s island represent? It represents the walls of the ancient master’s house defended by master and warriors. It represents the ghetto’s walls defended by the european nobles and knights. It represents the eastern european territories defended by the Tsars and the Polish/Lithuanian Armies. It represents Israel defended by American Navy, Arms, Missiles, and money.

Crusoe’s island isn’t the source of a general rule from which we learn the origins of liberty. Crusoe’s island is an exception that proves the rule that a people who cannot pay the high cost of land holding inevitably become a parasite on those who do.

Popper’s Open Society is just another attempt by a naturally nomadic people so incapable of land holding that it must be genetic defect, and so trained by the megalomaniacal hatred of others, that they promise the duplicity of an open society while forcing others to pay the cost of hosting them.

The philosophy of the jews fails every time. If your people cannot pay the high cost of holding land, you are exporting the cost of your housing onto your host civilization.

The Gnostics were right. Jehovah was a babylonian devil. And the jews bought his lies hook line and sinker.

The open society has been as catastrophic as Marx’s socialism and communism, the Frankfurt School’s postmodernism, Rawlsian Social democracy, rothbardian libertarianism, and Straussian Neo-Conservatism.

There is no free ride. There is no safety in universalism. There is only cooperation by the best to prevent conquest by the rest.

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