The Secrets of the West’s Success

(important piece)

[W]e can finally piece together the west’s struggle to ‘transcend’ the human animal, and to become our gods. Truth is the common thread.

AXIS 1) Militarism, Militia, Heroism, Truth,
AXIS 2) Sovereignty. Private Property, Voluntary Exchange, Contract
AXIS 3) Jury, Common Law, Rule of law & Universal Standing, Natural Law
AXIS 4) Debate, Reason, Philosophy, Logic, Science, Medicine
AXIS 6) Near Breeding Eugenics, Manorial Eugenics, Criminal Eugenics

The People Who Fight (defense – order) Aristocratic.
The People Who Farm (capital – production) Libertarian.
The People Who Gather (labor – consumption) Socialist.

The Follies: Athenian/Spartan and Anglo/German civil wars.
The Plagues: i) Justinian / Arab ii) The Black Death
The Invasions: The demographic invasions of Greece, Of Rome, Of the Roman Empire, of Europe and Americas.
The Great Lies: i) Jewish Christianity, ii) Jewish Pseudoscience, iii) Islamism
The Great Losses: Arab and Turkish Conquests of The East , The Communist Revolution in Russia, Russian Conquest of Eastern Europe,

1) Narrative, Writing, The Story, The Dramatic Play, The Novel, The Serial.
2) Counting, Positional Numbering, Arithmetic, Accounting, Computerized Accounting,
3) Mathematics (sets), Geometry (space), Calculus (relative change), Statistics (probability),
4) (physics)
5) (evolutionary biology)
6) (economics)
7) (truth) Syllogism, ..(correspondence).. Critical Rationalism, Testimonialism,


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