The West Needs Russia To Save It From Utopian Democracy As The West Saved Russia From Communism.


—“The memory of the Soviets still exists in the minds of Eastern Europeans. But it would be dishonest to say that the U.S does not whip up fear of Russian expansion, so as to further maintain its political grip in Europe.”—

[S]orry guys but I live in Ukraine, and do business in Estonia, and no one here needs ‘whipping up’ – they still remember soviets, and they recognize recent Russian actions as repeat of soviet actions. They all have relatives or friends of relatives who were starved, murdered, imprisoned, interrogated. They are painfully aware that they were european and on a European course of development and that Russian occupation hurt their cultures, their economies and their gene pools, and set them back a century of rapid development. They realize that they were Austro-hungarian and Polish-Lithuanian and that today they could live by european standars if not for Russian aggression and occupation.

No one needs reminding that Russia invaded Ukraine, lied about it, took over its own news media, fabricated stories daily, created an entire bureaucracy to spam the internet with Russian propaganda.

No one needs reminding that Russia remains an undeveloped resource economy, where the secret police manage the drug trade, and where the Kremlin uses its alliance with the Chechens to manage internal security – at great peril to Russian people. And that Moscow is now as full of muslims and third world peoples as any western city and for the same reason: real estate greed at the expense of the ordinary people. In a pattern that effects the entire world: Barbarians go to Moscow, the Russian Muscovites are displaced, and the money is sent to London where the British are displaced by the same means. They are driven out of London, leaving only the lower class third world Immigrants and empty flats owned by Russian politicians and business men.

No one needs reminding that the United States has been selling a false utopia as defense against the disaster of Russian-driven world communism, just like the communists were selling a false utopia as a false alternative to consumer capitalism.

No one needs reminding that it was the Russian state-sponsored Frankfurt School that paid for the conversion of american intellectuals to pseudoscience, nor the expurgation of jews from Europe and Russia that sent them to america where they spread their marxist, socialist, and Frankfurtian pseudoscience through the university, media, and entertainment business.

No one needs reminding that the anglos were mistaken to conquer their cousins in Germany, and in doing so destroying western civilization’s basis in aristocracy. Nor that the American occupation of Europe was necessary only because of the Soviet occupation of Europe. Or that the American occupation is now the origin of european political weakness and social democratic overspending, and immigration. Nor that the entire western military model had adopted to the eventual inclusion of Russia just as Gorbachev had intended, and that the entire western state had pivoted to the emerging threats in the pacific and Asia instead. Nor that Putin’s panic over the threat of the spread of the Ukrainian revolution to Moscow and St Petersburg caused him to invade Ukraine and capture Crimea rather than doing the mature and wise thing and simply telling Ukraine (and the States and NATO) that they would need to ‘lease’ Crimea and the eastern territories for 99 years in exchange for a large discount on gas because it was of strategic military and industrial importance that the Russian state could not be without and still secure her borders, industry, and trade.

No one needs reminding that the entire purpose of the postwar era has been to eliminate expansion and to force nations to direct their industrial energies to human rights and internal economic development rather than agrarian era territorial and tax expansion. Nor that it was Russia who broke this postwar agreement, and in doing so told the world that the future is one in which nuclear weapons are the only means by which states can guarantee their borders. Now, instead of eliminating weapons pointed at Moscow, and trusting NATO for defense, the entirety of Eastern Europe desires nuclear weapons and the abandonment of NATO for defense. NATO is a paper tiger that acts as a political system protecting world trade and nothing more. A dozen small countries with weapons pointed at heavily centralized Russia is not an increase in security for Russians. It is asking for an accident.

The west needs three things for Russia to lead the Circumpolar Peoples:

      1) Russians must eliminate endemic corruption in all walks of life, continue to incrementally build rule of law, and to slowly construct an economy not entirely dependent upon resource revenue, bribery, and graft to create a political, social and economic order.

2) Russians must accept and apologize for the damage that they have done to Europe and the world in the Mongolian, Czarist, and Soviet Eras – it was much worse than the nazis ever dreamed of doing. After Mao’s efforts it is the worst most murderous campaign in recorded history, second only to the plagues, the Mongolian expansion, and the Muslim invasions of civilization.

3) Russians must stop their universal lying about their own past (Muscovites killed the Rus, they are not Rus) and about what they do today, and simply tell the truth: the Enlightenment Project of Universal Participation has been a catastrophic failure, everywhere it has been tried. Authoritarianism is not the answer, but neither is democracy: which is merely communism by slower means.

If You Are Right, Then Why Lie?
Russians are now largely ‘right’. So stop lying and deceiving – despite the fact that lying, deceit, and corruption and low trust are the markers of Russian society. If you are right then merely speak the truth. The truth is enough. All Russians need to do to rule is to speak truthfully.

Because it is the West that is living a lie they believe now, just as Russians lived the lie of communism that they believed in the past. The fact that both Russians and westerners believed lies created by the Jews is something that we should both consider deeply: why were we both susceptible to utopian authoritarian lies by Marx, Lenin and Stalin? And why were we susceptible to utopian egalitarian lies of the neo-puritans and postmodernists? The reason is the First Great Lie we were susceptible to: religion: christianity, judaism, and islam. These were the first great lies. And the pseudosciences of Marxism, Socialism, Libertarianism, and Neo-Conserviatism the Second Great Lies.

When all during this time the only truth that existed was our Warrior Heroism that created Aristotelian Science, Oath, Testimony, Jury, Property and Rule of Law. This is our origin as indo-europeans warriors from the black sea. This is our origin of sun worshippers using the wheel, bronze, and horse.

We tried hard to save you from false god of Communism. We need Russians to try hard to save us from the false god of Utopian Democracy. WE NEED YOU. WE NEED YOU TO SAVE US. With Truth, Honor, Strength, and Courage. WE CANNOT SAVE OURSELVES any more than you could save yourselves from communism. WE NEED YOU TO SAVE US.

But we need you armed with Truth and Russian Pragmatism, Russian Intolerance, and our shared Indo-european heroism. Not Mongol, Czarist, Soviet Propaganda and Lies.

We should be ruling this world, not fighting over it.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute

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