Will You Insure Your Brothers?

[W]hen will you insure your brothers? Is that insurance not the origin of property rights? Is that insurance not the origin of the brotherhood of soldiers? Is not all our civilization built upon our mutual insurance of one another?

Our men need confidence that we will insure one another. That we take the oath and will not break the oath. Then they need a few examples.

There are enough of us to rebuild the west. But we must understand that there is no one to save us but ourselves. We either draw arms and insure one another or we die like the rest as victims of the hordes.

It is the confidence in one another that we must build.

Then we must make it so expensive for our oppressors both home and abroad to violate our property, that they choose some alternative venue for their mischief. We will do that by the most expensive cost we can put upon them: Loss, Suffering, Death.

Since we act on behalf of our kith and kin, then we will punish the kith and kin of those who violate our property. This means that if a man works against us, he risks his life, his kin, his home, and his relations.

No mercy. We insure one another so that families restrain one another.

Civilization has never been so frail.

They have no choice – if we have the will.

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