A Very New Cut On Intellectual History


[S]o Zoroastrianism was constructed to divide the Persians and indians who were both southern indo european peoples.

Then the Talmud was constructed as a lie to justify retention of property after the end of the babylonian conquest.


The greeks invent reason, truth, science, politics for the management of people at scale.

The Romans, seeing the ‘verbalism’ (immorality) of the greeks, resist greek idealism and embrace practical and empirical means.


Then judaism evolved as a means by which to justify parasitism upon host civilizations while maintaining group cohesion.

Then christianity was constructed as a rebellion against the empire, that had deprived primitive people of their local status signals.

Then the bible was constructed to manage the hordes through false promise now that production by slavery was no longer possible.

Then the koran was constructed to unite the tribes and conquer the peninsula (and then the exhausted Byzantines and Sassanids, and North Africa, and then Spain. )


The Carolingians failed to construct an economic and political order. although the trade routes from Italy to the Netherlands and then to the north sea peoples created incremental organic evolution.

The Templars created the legal and credit system and were destroyed by the authoritarian church who was their debtor.

The Hansa recreated the legal, credit, and trade system. But were out-competed by the territorial powers that largely adopted their methods.

The development of the new world and colonies allowed the financing of the transition of the west to economic modernity. (despite that there was little long term benefit to western nations, and strangely enough quite a considerable benefit to colonies depending upon who colonized them.)


Then the anglos responded with the enlightenment, empiricism, and the restoration of truth (science).

The french responded with … rousseuan pseudoscience and pseudo morality, as a means of creating the terror, and attempting to unify all of europe under their despotism.

The germans respond with restating christian mysticism as kantian rationalism. And create a new vehicle for obscurantism.

The Jews responded by converting the hansa/templar system to their advantage in the territorial wars between Britain and France (Napoleonic wars) creating the Rothschild and consequent systems of order creation by using our own capital stock and lending it back to us.

Westerners responded with the nation-state, an attempt to construct professional bureaucracy, the gold standard, empire and the industrial revolution. Most importantly, american constitution and it’s somewhat failed attempt at natural law expressed as a formal logic of cooperation.

Jews responded with an attack on the academy and polity by creating the great pseudosciences: Boazian Sociology, Marxist Economics and Politics, Freudian Psychology. All of which were constructed to universalize separatist judaism or justify hosting jewish separatism despite it’s parasitisms. This merely taking the argumentatitve innovations of the french and germans combining them with the same obscurantist ‘preaching’ technique used to distribute Christianity, except now using the power of the printing press.

BRANCH : We branch now into various evolutions upon this new religion – faster innovation in the technologies of truth and falsehood.

Branch 1 – Jewish
Then the second wave: Popperian philsophy, Misesian Economics, Randian/Rothbardian Libertinism. (the half-failure/half-success)
Then the third wave: straussian neo-conservativsm and expansionary militarism of the ‘new rome’. (the madness of power)

Branch 2 – Neo Puritan
Then the adoption of Keyneisan Economics as the new innumerate pseudoscience. and Rawlsian Ethics as the pseudo morality.
Then the adoption of postmodern philosophy in academia.

Mises in economics, Brouwer in Mathematics, Bridgman in Physics (science), Popper in philosophy, A HOST of authors in Law. And a total catastrophic absence in Politics since majoritarianism was still influential everywhere.

RESTORATION: Science catches up with the deceit and starts to disprove it.

The various cognitive scientists, and neurologists, are largely responsible for our reframing of jewish monopoly conformity to western distribution of talents and abilities.

EO Wilson states that a synthesis of biology, morality, politics and economics – all the sciences – should be possible.

Archaeologists and historians and evolutionary biologists in our social orders.

Haidt, the empirical psychologists, and the anthropologists in the evolution of cooperation.

Doolittle in Economics, Politics, Ethics, Sociology, Psychology, Epistemology and Metaphysics.

In retrospect this is my view of the evolution of history as a competition between the different european tribes, most of which practice morality and one of which practices immorality. And the reason being that if we hold land we can construct moral rules because we must in order to create the commons of land holding. A parasitic people that does not need or cannot hold land need not create commons because they can use the host’s.

Law is for individuals. Individuals must be able to act in their interests, limited by the prohibition on parasitism.
But policy must exist for the production of commons that perpetuates the family, kin, tribe, and nation, or else it is just a lie to justify conquest.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


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