Criticisms: Admitting Your Own Ignorance

[I]gnorance isn’t a criticism.
(Instead, say “I don’t know that subject”.)

Lack of understanding isn’t a criticism.
(Instead, say “I don’t understand”.)

Difficulty in learning isn’t a criticism.
(Instead say “this is hard, so I don’t understand.”)

Falsification of meaning isn’t falsification of a central argument is a criticism.
(instead say “I don’t think the example supports the theory”)

Falsification requires you both understand and can falsify a central argument. (the theory).

Like the wise man says: in any technical field people will say “I don’t know”. Btu when we talk of epistemology, ethics, morality, politics and economics, for some reason the average idiot has a vested interest in his nonsense opinion.

Now, this is rational because we must make use of epistemology, ethics, morality and politics, while we probably do not need to make use of other disciplines.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t exhausting.

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